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Our Name

What does the name Parkland United Reformed Church mean?


Parkland refers to our location in Alberta Parklands located between Ponoka and Lacombe.

United points to our desire to unify ourselves with like-minded believers and to work together to bring glory to God.

Reformed has its origin in the 16th Century Reformation, at which time the Church was reformed by a returning to the Bible as the rule for all of life. We seek also to be continually Reforming, that is, continually turning and returning to God's Word to direct our lives.

Church means "the called out ones." It is those who are called together in new spiritual life in Jesus out of their old spiritual darkness. God has called the Church to be the pillar and ground of the truth. It has existed since the beginning of the world, and will be until its end, since it is God Himself who calls His people out, gathering them, protecting them and preserving them.


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