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Our Authority

We believe that in the beginning, God created all things. Man at this time was completely righteous and holy, and had a perfect relationship with God. However, Adam, in yielding to Satan's temptation, robbed himself of this righteousness and holiness, and broke that perfect relationship with God. God had told Adam that if he disobeyed, he would surely die, and so in yielding to temptation, Adam brought this death sentence upon himself and his children.

In His sovereign grace, however, God already began to reveal His plan of salvation. God continued this revelation of the good news of how He would restore to man the gifts He had bestowed on him at creation. Through the various signs and ceremonies, prophets and priests, which we read about in the Old Testament, God was pointing forward to when the Saviour would come, and give back to man righteousness and holiness, restoring his relationship with God and lifting the death sentence.

In the New Testament, we read of how Jesus Christ, God's own Son came to earth as a man. He suffered and died as a substitution of sinful man, who because of Adam's disobedience and rebellion, and our own continuing sinfulness, was under imminent judgement and punishment from God.

Jesus rose from the dead, and later ascended back into Heaven, in the same way that we who were dead in our sins have been raised to a new life in Christ. And although Jesus is now in Heaven with His Father, He has given us His Spirit, to apply to us all the blessings He has earned for us.

We as believers confess that it is by God's grace alone that we are now in a restored relationship with Him. He has called us out of our sin into faith, believing in Jesus Christ and belonging to Him

God has set aside a Day when Jesus Christ will return in all His glory, to judge the earth. Those who have rejected Jesus will be subject to eternal punishment, but those who have trusted in Him will be judged as righteous, because He bore the punishment for them. They will live with God, for eternity.


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